Offered services:

Individual genealogical services
Searching of individual archive registry records in Czech Regional Archives and their transcription into English. Taking of photoes by a digital camera or Xerox copy of the original records.

Genealogical reports
These reports could contain:

  • transcripts of birth, marriage and death registry records
  • searching records in the Old Land Books – each owner of a cottage or a farmhouse
    in 17th, 18th and 19th centuries had a record in the Land Book of village where they lived, villages were parts of Domains and Land Books of  Domain were mostly preserved in archives until now
  • family stories of your ancestors
  • old family photos and documents
  • photographs of the ancestral locality ( church, cemetery, natal house, village, countryside etc…) and their transcription
  • graphs of family tree
  • all genealogical informations are kept on CD ROOM
  • result of genealogical research is Genealogical report which is colour printed and bound into a book

Searching of living relatives
It is possible to search for your living relatives and arrange a family meeting. Guide service in place where your ancestors lived is also offered.

Extent of genealogical research depends on number of checking generations. Number of family members  rises in geometric line ( searching person – one person, parents of searching person – two people, grandparents of searching person – four people, great grandparents of searching person – eight people).

Information which is necessary for start every research
Name, birthplace and birthdate of searching person is necessary. Also religion of ancestors is very important (Catholic, Evangelic or Jewish). Then more information you give then there is a better chance for finding registry records.