Examples of genealogical reports:

Here you can see examples of genealogical reports which were provided:
a copy of the original birth record, old photographs, family tree, English transcript of
birth record, transcript of a record in the Land Book. 


Passport of Frantisek Benda, a musician in European circuses

Transcript of birth record of Adalbert Pitelka
Page: 159

In 1763, on 21 April, Adalbertus was baptized by Francisco Pellergi in the church of St. Martin in Bernartice. Adalbertus is a son of serfs from Tyn nad Vltavou: Bartolomej Pitelka and Anna from Krenovice. Child was born on 19th April. Godparent: Adalbertus Kabelacz from Bilinka, witnesses: Veronika Zemanka from Bilinka and Mathias Rodt from Olesna.


This is the basic form of the family tree graph


Copy of a record from the old Land Book

The Panka farm
Size: 1 Lan

This farm has to pay 17 cents every year (“gros”) to the parish church in Bernartice. Jakub Panka bequeathed this farm to his son Matous (Mathias) in the year of 1729… etc…